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Shanghai Zangtian Electronic Co., Ltd is a RFID Electronic products developing, producing and marketing enterprise. Based on nearly 10 years of professional research and mature technologies, Zangtian is rising rapidly in the RFID field. Relying on scientific and technological development to provide users with high-tech products, is our consistent pursuit.

In the full introducing of foreign advanced technology and integrating the needs of customers, we now have more than 60 sorts of products which have been widely used in access control, telecommunications, financial services, logistics, machinery and equipment etc. Company has become into a production, research and development and trade enterprise form a small production base.

Zangtian has the ability to produce various types of cards. Contactless chip card such as: Hitag 1, hitag2, Legic card, Mifare cards, ID cards; Electronic tags can be customized according to the provided specifications of our clients. Our products are mainly exported to the Middle East, Europe, South America and North America.

Zangtian has accumulated rich experience in producing various contactless high-frequency and low-frequency chip products. We have many solutions in personalized products for customers and have a number of successful cases in Sensor IC cards, contactless IC card portfolio and in the application of the dual interface smart cards, has a number of successful cases.

The stability and durability of products, has affirmed by many research and development, application, system integrators companies.

The company has produced various types of special-shaped molds, can make a variety of models and specifications of the IC card, ID card, and the various types of special-shaped tags with personalized logo.


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